After this lockdown, we started to go out to do our business. We are getting back to normal is a slow phase. It is a healthy way to build a strong nation. But keep in mind to maintain the hygienic practices wherever you go and whoever the person you meet. I too went shopping to get some essentials. I am searching for an excellent detergent in many grocery shops, and I found the brand “Tide,” which is more reliable and cost-effective. During my time of visit, the people there had tide as their first preference for their detergent. This made me have an in-depth look at the tide’s marketing strategies and present an article for you in this. Let’s see.

Targeted audience strategy of tide

Target Audience of tide detergent powder

For the products like detergent powders, women are the deciding authority in most of the home. Basically, women tend to choose household articles at a lower price. They always look for products that will solve their issues at a lower price. Tide targets this type of homemaker to have a competitive advantage in the market.

A solution providing strategy of tide

A solution providing strategy of tide

It is no doubt that an effective strategy in marketing will create unique customer attention to the brand. The way that tide advertised in the media turns numerous people towards this brand. Tide was promoted in the manner of using whitening the cloth and peel off the dirt in any condition. It makes people try this brand at least once in their life.

Packaging  strategy of tide

Packaging strategy of tide

The packing style of the tide projects it’s brand unique among their competitors.

Pudhansandhai has already made an article on how the colors play a role in branding.

As per that, the brand tide uses the color yellow and orange, which makes the brand to project forward among the competitors brand. Tide is the more conscious brand in creating uniqueness, even in the packaging of products. The packaging style of the tide makes a massive impact on the customer.

Effective segmentation strategy of tide

Effective segmentation strategy of tide

The brand tide aims to have their presence in every home apart from the people’s economic condition. So tide introduced the product range in various segmentation to reach all the types of people under different financial statuses.

Taglines and campaign strategy of tide

Taglines and campaigns strategy of tide

The tide always integrates the people of the world to use their brand. The tagline “tide plus, jo de white plus” gains huge attention in several media and turns many people into its customers. The words “white plus” give the people additional hope to purchase it and try. The magical words like “white plus and collar up with the tide” gives a proud feel on using this product.

The marketing strategies of the brand tide used to revolve around the homemakers. Tide identifies its target customer and devises its marketing strategies wisely to have more yield in the market share among the competitors.

I hope this article helps me explore my views on the tide’s marketing strategies that I have observed. It is the time to say bye because I have to wash my clothes with the tide to make cloths whitening.

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