Top ten Marketing strategies noticed from Keerthy Suresh's movie Miss India.

Marketing strategies are everywhere. Miss India is a drama film starring Keerthy Suresh and Jagapathi babu in protagonist and antagonist roles respectively ,directed by Narendra Nath. This movie speaks about how a woman got success in her business by facing all the business revilers and becomes a successful women entrepreneur, which was her childhood dream. In this movie, the protagonist “Keerthy Suresh” is establishing her brand “Miss India” for his coffee shop .And facing several threats and issues from the competitors brand. Finally, however, she beats everything and got succeed. To make this possible, she had followed some marketing strategies to win the antagonist in her business. This article will discuss the marketing strategies that I found on watching Keerthy Suresh’s Miss India.

Market research

Before getting into any business, it is a must to have market research. Here the character “Manasa Samyuktha” had done a more profound analysis on the current market trends. In that movie, it is portrayed that all the people in that city are coffee lovers. But she introduces tea in various flavours and makes the people to try her new variant to their tongues which are bored with coffee for a long time.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis

As a businesswoman, Manasa has made the SWOT analysis to find the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in her field. This is one of the appreciable things made by Manasa as an entrepreneur. She finds that no shop offers coffee in the whole city makes the first move to introduce a new flavour. Instead of thinking that her chai shop won’t get works among the people who are trained their tongue to taste only coffee, She believes that an alternative will make the people have a try at least.

Chai ceremony concept

chai ceremony concept in miss India movie

Manasa made an event in the name of “Chai ceremony,” which helps the city’s people know her new move and make her idea familiar with the people. In the chai ceremony, she treated everyone with her tea for free and made the people realize the taste of the tea, who are familiarized only with coffee for a long time. This initiative makes her gain a lot of potential customers to her chai shop.

Promoted as Ayurvedic medicine

Mansa introduced a more comprehensive range of variety in the tea, such as garlic, neem etc. In the chai ceremony, she clears the throat pain of the person with her garlic tea ,and promote the same as an ayurvedic tea which not only served as a refreshment drink but also has some unique medical values.

Conveying the brand message in a poetic way

Mansa has taken the great privilege of explaining how chai can be a best tasting partner to the people who are already has coffee as their tasting partner. She poetically conveys the message that makes the people inspired on shop “Miss India” and the founder Manasa samuktha.

Solving customer-centric problem

In the chai ceremony, Manasa founds that one of the people who gathered in the chai ceremony finds it difficult to speak due to her throat pain. So she prepared a garlic tea which helps to get rid of the throat pain. Here she solves the customer-centric problem and creats an impression that her chai is a refreshing drink and has some medicinal values. This helps Manasa to gain a massive number of potential customers to her chai shop.

Conducting events and competitions

Mansa has conducted various events and competitions to grab the people to her chai shop “Miss India.” She conducts events and competitions to increase the people’s engagement on her brand. She had also used the competitor’s event and promotional strategy well. Here, it is clear that as a businesswoman, Manasa has focused on improving her business and made an eagle-eye on the competitors’ move.

Utilizing available resources effectively to beat competitors

In the movie, the antagonist Kailash Sivakumar has conducted a lucky drop contest for the people who drank the coffee at his shop and rewarded them with a huge cash amount. Knowing this, Manasa made a wise move with her father and won the cash amount from the hand of her business competitor “Kailash Sivakumar.” Here it is clear an entrepreneur must always have an eye on competitors’ moves and look for the possibilities on how to turn our competitor’s moves as a successful one for our brand as Manasa did. 


Every business will have certain risks according to the nature of the business. Here the brand “Miss India” had also taken a risk. It got a proposal from BMC dealers. “Miss India” has to deliver the material in three shipments on a credit basis. On getting into the deal by agreeing on this credit, Miss India can gain 30% of the profit from BMC alone. Even though supplying material in credits is not her company policy, she enters the deal against the company policy. Here this shows that an entrepreneur must be a risk-taker to yield a reasonable profit in a business.

After some days, the cheque that she got from the BMC gets bounced due to insufficient funds. This becomes a significant decline in companies’ profits.

Inviting people as shareholders when the business is getting declines :

After the decline in business, Mansa left without funds for rebranding and positioning. So she invites the general public to join as the shareholders and partners of the business. Here the way of approach to a critical situation made by Manasa samyukatha was highly appreciable. It is also worth mentioning that this strategy helps a lot to rebrand Miss India.

These are some of the marketing business strategies that I noticed from keerthy Suresh’s movie “Miss India” and found it worthy of sharing. I like to add one more point, i.e the tagline that Manasa samukatha usesin Miss India.”Business is war.” Yes, business is a never-ending war. New competitors will keep on rising in our fields daily. So it is necessary to know the pulse of the customers who are changing with the consumerism style day to day.  

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