Advertisements are not new to marketing. Advertisements of 2021 which admire the people are many in number. The regional Advertisements telecasting in the respective regional channel creates significant attention among the target audience in the particular region. 

Here I like to present you some regional Advertisements of Tamilnadu and explain how it creates a significant impact among the Tamil audience.

Britannia Good Day Surprise Pack – Cool as a cucumber

Top Regional Advertisements of 2021- Britannia Good Day Surprise Pack – Cool as a cucumber

This ad got much wider attention due to the play of the brand ambassadors Gautham Vasudev Menon and RJ Balaji. This video has views of about 8.8 lakhs on YouTube. The script made for the video and the brand ambassadors’ presenting style took this video to huge success. The Advertisements and the product “Good day surprise pack” also significantly impacted the audience. The product “Good day surprise pack” has comparatively gained a huge profit for Britania with this creative regional advertisement.

Ola Autovin home delivery Advertisements

Top Regional Advertisements of 2021- OLA Autovin home delivery

The advertisement of OLA in branding their service with a creative ad has gained more than 5.8 lakhs of views. The adscript is simple and crisp to convey the brand message that OLA auto is available on the customer’s doorstep on booking. For conveying this message, the regional script made by the promotional team of OLA makes the 5.8 lakh views by the viewers.

Amazon. in -now in Tamil.Advertisements

Top Regional Advertisements of 2021- now in Tamil

The top-selling E-Retail site “Amazon” has come with a new feature: the availability of language “Tamil.” It is quite simple to search the products in Amazon in the regional language Tamil. This new feature of Amazon is branded with a line “ippothu Nam Kadai Nam mozhiil”. This makes the audience know that the shopping app is now available in the Tamil language.

Like this, telecasting brand ads with creative ideas will gain people’s attention more. The ads that are telecasted in their regional language helps to connect emotionally with the people. This helps to make the people understand the brand message more accurately. Do you feel any other regional ads that sound well? Leave it in the comments.

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