Guerilla marketing is one of the advertising strategies used to brand the product and services of their product but in an unconventional way. Guerilla marketing always wants to reach the customer attractively, making the people remember the brand and its product for a long time. So they used to promote in an ideal way which will stay with the people heart for a while. Let us see how the brands are using guerrilla marketing and how guerrilla marketing plays a role in advertising?

Game of thrones

Guerrilla marketing of Game of thrones at HBO

Here an excellent example of guerilla marketing. A well-known brand, “game of thrones,” used guerilla marketing through print media to gain the audience’s attention. This brand has its shadow of this dragon character in a hole paper, which grabs the significant audience’s attention and creates an urge to watch it.

Black Mirror

Guerrilla marketing of Black Mirror

Black mirror deals with technology, the future, and psychology. The plot of each episode makes the viewers get engaged with got eagerly. The intro of the Black Mirror series has a shattered black screen. An ad strategy is made to advertise this. one of them is a girl holding a phone screen from where the crack begins covering the entire board, and her face becomes evil. This is when the Black Mirror went live and shook the world. This ad is trying to convey how entertaining the series be. It makes the audience to watch at least a few episodes of GOT.

The Handmade’s Tale

Guerrilla marketing of The handmade’s tale

An idol dressed up with red clothes and a white hat. To promote the show, they have kept this idol in many places in the world. This is perfect guerilla marketing. An idol that symbolizes the tale’s character will create the viewers an urge to get to know more about it. It is a strategy to turn the familiar people into their audience.

The Simpsons

Guerrilla marketing of The Simpsons

This show is being active in media since 1989. But to have the audience in all periods, they have created its ads in the escalators of the shopping mall. Whenever the people use the escalators, they will used to think about Simpsons and get attached with this. Among many series, it will create a unique attraction among the people.

Stranger things

Guerrilla marketing of Stranger things

This show is top-rated among the series freak. This show is getting popular among the people for its unique advertising. They advertised this show in an upside-down view to make their audience view this ad differently among the audience.

These are the common examples that I have observed how guerilla marketing has been done successfully. Guerilla marketing creates wide attention among the massive audience in a simple way and a short period. So the brands are using this strategy widely.

Have you ever experience the guerilla marketing strategy in your life? If so, leave it in the comments.

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