It is very casual for my friend and me, to have our meet in the mall of our city. We always used to go to reliance mall in our city. This mall holds a special memory in our hearts-whenever we used to recollect our memories. Likely in our last visit is not just the other visits we used to have; it leads me to experience a new perspective of the mall. Let me share some psychological tricks that the malls makes us spend more time and money.

Attractive Fragrances

Whenever the people get into the mall, their nose tends to smell and feel the new presence before the eyes start to visualize. So they filled the mall with a pleasant fragrance which makes us have our breath more there.

Malls have walls, but no clock.

Nowadays, the wristwatch culture has vanished, and people use to know their time through the smartphone, which they hold with them. But it is tough to notice the time through our mobile phone during our shopping. The malls also designed with no clocks and make the people forget about the time and makes them involve more in the shopping. When we used to visit the malls, it is challenging to find whether it is morning or evening because the lighting effect gets us into a dilemma about sun trips. So we forget about the time and spent more hours in visiting the malls.

Fun and Food world

If you notice keenly, you will get to know that all the malls have their food court on the top floor. It is the strategy to make you visit each floor at least once before entering into the food court. This visit makes you purchase at least a few things unintentionally even though you don’t have those items in your wish list.
There will be some gaming arena on the same floor, which makes you entertain your children. This gaming zone takes the responsibility of caring and entertaining your children and makes you shop the malls without any disturbance.

Lighting effect

You may notice the malls will always look very dim in their appearance. But when you get closer to the racks in searching the products, it will project before your eyes with a bright lighting effect. It is to grab your attention on the specified products instead of roaming around the empty floors and walls.

Scripted Disorientation

You cant simply say and move on that the mall designs are accidental. Every mall is designed with the customer-centric ways and make you to spend more and to seek profits by you.

Hope you all will have a keen look from the next visit to the malls. And also leave in the comments if you found anything new in malls as a strategy which makes you spend more.

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