Marketing strategies of “OLA”

The new initiative in marketing strategies of “OLA”

Brands are many in the market. Among them, brands that have opted for suitable marketing principles can only shine in the market for a long time. Many brands in India are sustaining due to their progressive marketing strategies. In these, a multinational ride-sharing company “OLA” had devised many ways to sustain itself in the competitive market.Let me share the marketing strategies of “OLA” today.

Customer-centric solution as a marketing strategies of “OLA”

Customer-centric solution as a marketing strategies of “OLA”

In India, not all people have the capacity to have their vehicles on their own. Even though public transport like buses and taxis are on roads, it isn’t easy to get those rides quickly. So ola has taken this startup initiative. Though ola has made its startup customer-centric, it reaches people easily without any promotions.

Product Differentiation

Product differentiation

The deeper product diversification of OLA made a huge number of people their customers by offering a comfortable riding experience at a nominal price.

The three major mobility diversification of OLA in city rides, rentals, and outstations made this brand get a wide range of travelers as their customers.

The new segment

Ola Electric Scooter Pre-bookings Started in India - ₹499 - YouTube
The new segment as marketing strategies of “OLA”

OLA has taken a new initiative along with the ride-sharing business.

Ola-Electric is a newly diversified product by ola in the form of scooters. The appreciable marketing initiative of this scooter promotion is Ola offers the scooter to the people at the pre-booking cost of Rs.499. The simple pricing strategy of Ola made the people have their full attention towards Ola.

Attaining customer’s trust :

In India, people will have great concern for their safety. So to ensure the safety of customers, Ola provides the driver’s name, photo ratings, and reviews, etc. Along with this, the vaccination status of OLA is also included to gain the customer’s trust in this pandemic.

Hashtag campaign :

OLA knows the pulse of the latest trend of India well and makes its marketing strategies according to it. The hashtag campaign of OLA has taken this brand to a wider reach in social media. Whoever the people who are getting to late parties and movies with OLA are used to mention the hashtag OLA as an emotional connect.

The marketing strategy of OLA can be explained in two lines.


sell the solution

Make the solution simple.

Ola projected the problem in larger and provided its unique solution larger than the problem. That’s why OLA gained the attention of a wider audience. These are the marketing strategies of “OLA” that I observed from this brand which I found worth sharing.

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