Marketing strategies of a fitness brand "Team animal and Animal protein cafe"

We can witness the marketing strategies anywhere and implement the strategies we found good for our business. For every business, marketing strategies are the key to engage the target audience towards the brand to make the business earn profit. Today I have taken a budding brand in the health sector, which plays a major role in transforming men and women in their mental and physical appearance and attitude. Yes, the name is Team animal. Let’s take a view on this brand to know what the brand does.

What is team animal?

Team Animal A fitness brand

Team Animal is a fitness gym found in March 2020 by two eminent personalities who had to change their dreams into a passion. They are Jagadish Rajkumar and Emaya Bharathi. The tagline “Your transformation is our passion” is seems to be more positive and encouraging to have our footprints in Team Animal.

How is it going?

Due to the brand’s trustworthiness, the brand has acquired its 50+ clients in a short span of time. The great transformative initiative taken by this brand is their online programmes which helped their clients tune their body from their home. Many milestones are getting created for this brand to get register with the name team animal.

Services offered

  • Personalized training
  • Customized diet chart PDF
  • Home foods
  • Supplement guidance
  • Demo videos for each workout
  • Home-based weight loss/gain programs
  • Virtual classes
  • Weekly monitoring
  • What’s app email support
  • One to one guidance

Marketing strategies of team animal

The templates of the team animal they are using for the posters are designed creatively by the top creative designer’s crew. It is to be noted that this brand is taken more initiative in conveying the message to people in the best way. The posters included with health benefits turn out many common people as the customers of team animal.

Freebies for top performers
Team animal never fails to encourage the best performers. They believe that appreciations by heart are a great way to have the transformations in clients physique. So they are providing freebies to their top performers to encourage the people to perform better.

Word of mouth
This is one of the ultimate strategies that a service industry need to be adapted. The clients of team animal are the great promoters of this brand. Team animals effectively promote this brand through their client’s transformation as marketing strategies to their brand. The motive to make happy customers helps to acquire more customers through word of mouth.

Free consultation
Team animal always welcomes the people to get free suggestions to make them fit. They always taken care to provide the ultimate solutions to the people’s problems is their best. This makes the people spread a positive word of mouth among the society. The team animal took the initiative in providing free suggestions in the most appreciable marketing strategy.

Discounts for reference.
You may witness this strategy in many brands. But the referral strategy had never failed to succeed. That’s why every brand is handling referencing as a great marketing tool.

Client analysis
Each man is different and unique in their way. So it is essential to analyze every client deepen. Once the clients had approached, team animal analysed their past medical records, food habits and other physical exercises they had undergone till now and others. This makes the crew of team animals understand their clients’ exact need and choose optimum strategies for their transformation.

Designing diet chart and workouts based on clients lifestyle
Each client may have a certain possibility and feasibility in following the workouts and diet plan. So team animal is taking great initiative in examining the clients in various factors and making them involved in workouts and diet plan, which helps strengthen their physical and mental fitness to a great extent.

Various diet plan
Team animal has devised many diet plans that help maintain the physique of clients from various regions. There is no need to follow the common diet plan. There are various diet plans available which the trainee can choose according to their convenience. There are several options available for the trainees to get their meals healthy without compromising their taste.

What is an Animal protein cafe?

Animal Protien Cafe

Animal protein cafe is an extensive unit of team animal. It is a one-stop solution for fitness trainers to get their supplements and health vitamin products.

Origin of Animal protein cafe
The products of animal protein cafe are more popular among the people through our founder before it reaching the shop for sales. The founder realized that his passion has to be compromised to succeed in corporate sectors. So he kicks off the corporate sector that he works with and starts his protein cafe.

  • Products available at Animal protein cafe
  • Whey protein
  • Mass gainers (Weight gainers)
  • Carbohydrates powder
  • Multivitamins
  • Zinc
  • Fish oil
  • Fat burners
  • Pre-workout drinks (energy)
  • BCAA drinks (inter workout)
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine1

Marketing strategies of Animal Protein cafe

Marketing strategies of Animal Protein cafe

Posters and Branding
The products of the Animal protein cafe are showcased on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Posters available both offline and online stood as the promotional values of Animal Protein cafe.

Word of mouth
The customers who benefit from the products of Animal protein cafe are made their Shoutout on Instagram. This projects the real-time experience of using our products.

Brand Ambassador

Actor Mahendran Brand Ambassador of Animal Protein Cafe

As I mentioned already, Mr.Mahendran, Actor, has signed up as the brand ambassador for the Animal protein cafe. The branding strategy taken by Animal protein cafe is going to achieve drastic success in a short time.

Introducing freebies is one of the promising strategies to market a product. People who consume the free products will easily know the need to consume the brand products easily than in other ways. So freebies are the great strategy handled by animal protein cafe to create an impact through their products among those target audience.
Introducing freebies create trust among the people. This shows the genuine branding of the products of Animal protein cafe. The quality of the products is never compromised for any reason, even though it took time to place on the market.

Packaging of Products
The packing way of the products has gained a special attraction among the customers. The easy to carry approach, safe packing, simple handling and unpacking make the customers stick with the products of Animal protein cafe than others.

Online delivery
Animal originally cafe engaged with customers over the world through E-commerce. It is easy to place an order online and to get the products at your doorsteps without any delivery charges on every product.

About Founders

Jagadish Rajkumar
Jagadish Rajkumar is a multidimensional personality. He makes his footprints as an Athlete, Professional bodybuilder, Certified trainer, Blogger and entrepreneur. He won the district champion three times and state champion two times and won the intercollege champion two times.

Jagadish rajkumar and Emaya Bharathi

Emaya Bharathi
Emay is the Co-Founder of Team Animal. He is 22 by age and a bodybuilder by his passion. He won the junior muscle mania champion. District gold, junior muscle mania gold and inter-college gold (Anna University) are the achievements that had the names Emay.

Let their brand get power like their muscles through this blog article.


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