Pudhansandhai, the Digi magic of marketing, is the blog where you can know the miracle of marketing happening around you. But it is must to ensure that you are landed on the proper page to view it. Otherwise, your screen will get displayed with a message “404 page not found“.Sometimes this message irritates us because we have to go in search of others. On seeing this error itself, we may lose our hope sometimes. We may stop searching. For some websites, they may launch their site in a different address. So whenever the web address is changed, and still we are looking in the old website, we will get the error 404. A 404 error can be avoided when we search with the correct site address.
Here are some sites which are using the 404 pages effectively to market their brands. Let us see how they are branding through 404 pages.

Marvel :

The page Marvel branded with its one of the characters “uatu.” Not even the eye of uatu sees your request. This line creates an eagerness for Marvel fans and creates an urge to get the proper websites.

20th-century fox

This website is made with lines, that “No page here, everyone is laughing at you,” seek revenge here. This page leaves a piece of information about the relanding of the pages. This page gives you an negative motivation, which makes you land the page correctly.

eHarmony :

eHarmony, a famous matrimonial site, took some marketing initiatives to help visitors land in their pages correctly. See below how they are marketing their pages to fall into their appropriate site pages.

PageCloud :

PageCloud is a popular, well-known website developing the brand, had branded its pages by leaving a message to create an own webpage for the users.
They are using the 404 error message in the manner of providing solutions to 404 errors through their page cloud tools.


The initiative of Airbnb is impressive, and they are providing the other webpage links of Airbnb, which is an excellent initiative to makes the visitor satisfy the needs of them with their brand itself. Even some of the pages are not working; it will redirect to other pages of Airbnb.

9gag :

This website is now closed and had an evolution through applications. So, whoever visits the web pages of 9gag leaves the following message to the visitors of the web page. They have provided a button used to land on the play store page of 9gag to download it

Do you think this type of randing is necessary?

Of course, it is. Nowadays, there are so many brands which budding to compete with the existing ones. So if we can’t offer something as per the customer need, then we have to makes an alternative immediately to sustain the customer with our brand.
So, in the rapidly changing world, it is essential to have the error pages also in attractive and informative.

“Even the small nails are worth to clean our teeth.”

So the moved page cant be left simply, and it should be used for the effective campaign for our new pages.
The 404 error pages are not the simple error pages hereafter; it is our page to create a sale initiative by booming our business through it.

Let’s create the error pages effectively and make a way to gain $404 million from 404 error pages.

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