How to make business effectively on food products ?

Food is the basic need for human for survival. The food will get cooked and served in plates until the man stops feeling hungry. So there will be a constant demand for food and its ingredients until the manhood exists. The marketing language can be expressed as the products will exist in the market until the consumer exists. To market the food product, the companies are adopting many strategies. Let us discuss something among them.

Creating Demands :

Creating Demands

It is the most common strategy which we are witnessing from childhood.

If the consumers know that such products are limited edition, they will consume it at a high level to ownership of those products. The demand for the products will get increased. It is the most common strategy to increase business.

The positioning of products :

The positioning of products

The storekeeper will design the shop in the way of high pricing products are getting featured in the front row and the rest at the back of it. When the consumers are satisfied with the high pricing price one, they won’t go for the others. They won’t think to compare the price with the products that are available in the next. So the positioning of products plays a role in sales.

Colors to cover :

Colors to cover

 Colors are the thing that gets into our mind at first sight. If you think of KFC, the red color will blinks in your mind, on thinking of Maggi noodles, the color yellow will strike your mind. So it is clear that food-based brands are using red and yellow to gain more attention.


Placing products in supermarket mazes is one strategy to turn the window shoppers into a profit-making shopper. For example, products like detergent, soaps will make you buy even though you have an existing with you.


Music is the vibe that our soul love. So playing music in the shops makes your mind relax and create calmness in you. By this, you can do your shopping in a cool way. Just have a try on the music by the above video.

Expiry date 

Expiry dateĀ 

Here the brands are following a cunning strategy. There will be a label that shows the expiry date in it. People use to consume the products before it ends and start to purchase repeatedly. The fact is that the expiry date of many products is safe even though it prolongs the date they mentioned in packages.

Hidden currency sign

You may witness that the price tag won’t denote the currency that it is dealing with. By this, they are making the consumers spend more as blind-folded.



The packaging is a great game player. The packaging signs and information will be in the way of promoting healthier foods. There will be some mismatch on the product quality and the magical words found in the packaging. But people are getting attracted to those magical words.


pic courtesy : jagadishrajkumar_official (instagram)

Here, brands are using celebrities by projecting them as their brand ambassador. It is the way of gaining customer’s trust by making ads as their favourite starts are consuming our brand products and recommending the same.

Bulk pricing

Bulk pricing

Brands are offering discounts on their price rate for those who consume the brand products in bulk. But reports show that the consumption of bulk products are getting exposed to the dust bin. Instead of buying a money-saving motive, it is good to consume according to our needs and wants.

Not only the listed, but also there are many rules in the market to do business. Start roaming the market and if found anything as new strategy, leave it in the comments. Lets we discuss on that too.

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