Blogs are the architecture of our thoughts. It helps to regulate our thoughts and helps to present it before the viewers in a desirable way. It also shapes our reading skill through the unique style of getting information to you. Here also some shapes are developing the brand to gain competitive advantage. Let join with me to know-how.

Circles :

It is common to see the brand logos in a circle shape. The circle has no end. So these shapes are used to represent that the relationship with those brand will be long enough. Circles give a positive look to our brand.

For this our brand, pudhansandhai itself an example. Pudhansandhai will have the consistency in making you educate on the marketing tactics and strategies that are happening around you.

Rectangles :

Not only rectangles, squares too. The brand with shape square and rectangle symbolizes the professionalism of the brand and the brand activities. This shape gives faith and trust to the targeted audience.
The well-known brand which has a rectangle shape in its logo is “Microsoft.” The logo of Microsoft is simple, but it never fails to make a trusted impression among the people.

Likely, a brand like a domino’s pizza, IBM is featured its logo with rectangle shapes to give faith to the audience.

IBM layoffs: IBM, the silent job cutter, stokes worker anxiety ...

Triangles :

The brand which is triangle-shaped denotes the consistent growth of the brands. The tip of the triangles implies the extension of the brand with focused goals.

There are brands with triangles shapes which are quite impressive on its look. The brand Reebok, Airbnb, Google play features with a triangle shape. These brands are always consistently updating with brand products.

Reebok News Stream : Reebok Signals Change With Launch Of New ...
DesignStudio creates new logo for Airbnb
Shapes are the identity; Shapes are unique, shapes are relevant. 

Shapes make the brand unique. Let us shape our brand with shapes to shine and sustain.

Keep reading pudhansandai to shape your marketing knowledge.

Stay healthy.

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