How the gift offerings increases the brand awareness ?

Offering gifts by conducting some contests helps to create brand awareness. Gifts will make the people have a particular brand name in their memory for an extended period. On the need, arousal people will turn towards the brand, which offers a gift. It is not just like people will get attracted for the gifts instead of the quality in product and services, but it will have some long-lasting connection between the customer and the brand. Here a restaurant takes this strategy to attract people. Let us have a look at their offerings and analyse whether their offerings are excellent strategies.

A restaurant named Shivraj hotel in Pune came with an offer of gifting a royal Enfield bullet to their customers who can have a thali in their tongues in 60 minutes about the weight of 4kgs.

More than this deal, the 12 different varieties of dishes in non-vegetarian category add more expectation on this contest. There are as follows.
Pomfret fried fish
Dry Mutton
Grey Mutton
Kolumbi biryani
Fried fish

The restaurant sources revelled that about 55 cooks are participating in preparing this, and it cost Rs.2500 per thali.

Atul Waikar came up with this unique idea “win a bullet bike” contest to turn many young, nourishing minds towards their restaurant.

People who visited the Shivraj hotel reported six types of giant thalis: Special Ravan Thali, Bullet Thali, Malvani Fish Thali, Pahelwan Mutton Thali, Bakasur Chicken Thali, and Sarkar Mutton Thali could be witnessed and served to our tongue there.

The more exciting news that I have come to know about this contest is a person won this contest, and he was gifted with a bullet as said early. He is Somnath Pawar, a resident of the Solapur district of Maharastra.

The promotional activities done by Atul waikar are impressive among the customer. He placed five brand new Royal Enfield Bullets in the verandah of his restaurant. And the banners and the menu cards that he put in the restaurant are made with an advertising initiative of having the bullet images. These strategies make people get awareness of the comprehensive level of people.

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