I hope you all are healthy and safe. Establishing a brand and running the brand with a single or diversified product or service over the time duration is not an easy job. It needs a lot of potentials and needs to stay updated with the consumer mind. After catching, the minds of the consumer, the products, and the services must deliver according to the needs and wants of the customer. Such a brand can stay for a long time in the market.

Staying longer in the market itself a high prestige and brand value to the product. We can reach people to yield more profit from our business by advertising our brand’s growth. By this, we can have a more loyal customer. In simple,

Advertising the market sustainment of the brands increases the market share.

This article titled “Metallic Numbers,” discusses the effects of marketing the brand by its sustaining period in the market.

Let’s have a view of the examples shown below.

 Cadbury- silver Jubilee

Cadbury- silver Jubilee

The famous choco-cookies brand ” Cadbury” had branded with the caption ” 100 years of chocolate-covered biscuits from Cadbury” on the packaging label. Cadbury is communicating its achievement through its product labeling strategy. Whenever people were purchasing this brand product, it will create a more substantial impact on the brand in the competitive market.

The silver jubilee celebration events of the Cadbury brand create a desirable effect on the business. People tend to try the new varieties of Cadbury that they never tasted before on this day. The celebration events of Cadbury for 100 years creates a significant promotional advantage to this brand which was founded in the year 1824.

Blue-star– Platinum Jubilee

How 75-year-old air conditioning brand 'Blue Star' is reinventing ...
Blue-star- Platinum Jubilee

The iconic brand” Blue Star,” is the leading producers of Air conditioner, Air purifier, Air cooler, Water cooler, and more. The brand was established in the year 1943. For the past 75 years, this brand is serving the people with its products through its unique technology. For commercial and industrial purposes, Bluestar has designed many Air conditioners and other products.

Even there are many competitive brands available in the market, Blue-star stands unique for more than 75 years due to technology and performance.

It is  one of the famous brand which celebrates its platinum jubilee in recent days.
Due to its reliability and service they offered, they stand unique from its competitive brands.

KFC- Golden Jubliee


KFC is a well-known food and beverage brand that is known for spicy and fried chicken.

To promote the celebration of the golden jubilee year, it celebrated with many fun events. It made many promotional discounts to grab the attention of the people and also to convey the people that the brand is sustaining for the past 50 years among the competitive market.

Emotional Storytelling Is KFC's Newest Ingredient | Linkdex

KFC became the favorite of many people over the last 30 years for its spicy non-vegetarian products. Now in recent days, KFC also included many. Food items in their list for vegetarian people too.

The 50 th year made with ta new product diversification into the vegan category to invite more people.

Lange and Sohne-Diamond Jubliee

Homepage of the official A. Lange & Söhne website
Lange and Sohne-Diamond Jubliee

Lange and shone is the brand which is running successfully in the 25th year has branded its product through a wise strategy.

The brand sets all the watches which have the provision to set date into “25” to symbolize that they are successfully running over 25 years in the market.

It is evident in one thing; the brands are creating attention through the anniversary celebrations and reminding the customers and people about their existence and projecting the brand value among the competitors. Also, it makes people stop the busy life cycle and caused them to have a keen view of their achievement through this anniversary celebration. It creates goodwill and trustworthiness towards the brand. By this, the brand value got increased, and they have sustainable business growth.

The celebration of the anniversary and promotional activities, especially the diamond, gold, platinum, and silver jubilee, are not cost-worthy functions or not revenue eaters. Instead, it creates brand loyalty and gains more customers to maximize their business as well as the profit.

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