There are many brands in the market with desirable logos. In this, some of them are very familiar to us. In that too, there is a special category which grabs our attention more.

i.e. Textless logo

The logo itself made a strong mind mapping by its branding techniques of the company.

For example,


If you think of an apple, the first taught could be about fruit and next about the iPhone, steve jobs. For the techie, it will be vice versa. A partially swallowed apple always leads our taught to Apple. There is no need to mention the name of the brand under this brand icon. The icon itself enough to recognize.

Not only this, there are some more. Let us see that too in this

I strongly believe that you all came across the brand Starbucks, at least by its brand name and its logo.

Starbucks is well known for the delicious flavour of its coffee categories. Its logo was designed with a girl who has a crown in its loose hair.

On seeing this green logo itself our mind gets mapped with Starbucks.

The next one is shell, an oil & gas company, which is branded through its logo Pecten seashell. In Initial days this logo was used with its brand name under it. Day by day the brand reach of seashell was drastic. So they eliminated there brand name under its logo and keeps the logo as it is.

In this category, Mc Donald gain our attention by its logo. The simple “M” shaped logo with yellow background holds its entire brand value of Mc Donald. On seeing its logo our tongue starts to split out saliva. Here the logo not only speaks, it goes a level beyond.

There are some exclusive brands which indicate its brand name by its logo itself.

Such a brand is “Target”, which is well known for retail and commercial products. This brand chooses its logo wisely. The target board which is used in the bow and arrow game was its logo. On seeing its circular logo itself, we can relate the brand.

Last but not least, the brand “Nike” which is well known for footwear and apparel. The tick symbol is the logo of Nike. This logo makes a positive approach to walk into its shop.

This strategy is not winded up here, it has a lot to go.

But this type of product which are branded only by its symbol. The brand icon comes by neglecting its brand name and makes a pictographic memory in our mind and stays for a prolonged time period.

So this logo branding strategy never fails to speak a message.

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