There are various marketing strategies available to promote a product and services to gain a competitive advantage. But the marketing strategies will get vary from product to product and services to services. Likely I have visited a gift shop recently to get a shop gift for my friend’s marriage. I have seen some nearby shops, but I haven’t been satisfied with those shops’ available gift items. And my brother suggested a gift shop to visit. I visited the same. It’s made me write today.Yes.The marketing strategies that I found were highly innovative and unique to attract their customers. Let me share those strategies here for you.

Creative promotional strategies :

Being a gift shop, It had taken a lot of initiative in the promotional activities. There is a common thing that gift shops will charge a massive amount for simple gifts. But this shop made recreational activities. They have made so many gifts that are eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. The gifts are made with organic products that are non-toxic to the users. This strategy makes the shop to shine unique among the competitors.

Reach with its own brand

Reach with its own brand

Instead of designing the gift shop by procuring various brands, it will be wiser to introduce one’s own brand. This will helps to come with products that are not available in the other gift shop. It will help to gain people’s attention more in number. And also, such a product will make the brand sustain among the competitors.

Social media engagement :

social media engagement

In the technological era, everything is gets connected with social media. The presence of social media for the brands are cant be resisted today. So there will be a vast audience when if the gift shop has made their online presence.

Promote the local 

Promote the local

Usually, the gift shop will procure the gift items from the famous brand only. So it will be a new strategy to promote the local gift maker around the area.

Go online

Go online

The internet world must ensure that our brand products have their web presence to attract customers easily from various geographical areas.

These are some of the notable things that I observed in that shop and like to share with you.


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