Pudhansandhai, The Digi magic of marketing is stepping into its third year today. It is the right time to convey my heartful thanks to all my viewers, supporters, and especially my mentors, who always encouraged me to reach a better altitude in digital marketing. I also thank my friends, who support me to fine-tune my skills day by day. Once again, I thank all of you for your support and encouragement. Keep supporting.

Let’s go to today’s topic.

Brands are following many strategies to stay in customer minds. In that sending greeting on the occasions, make the customer feel that the brand is taking more concern on us and made to sustain for a prolonged period in the minds of the customer.

Some bakery shops and restaurants collect some standard information about us, which includes our Name, Date of birth, Anniversary, Phone number, Email, Communication address, and so on.

Do you ever think about why they are collecting that information from us?
It is a simple marketing strategy to sustain the customer with their brand even though the competitors arise day to day. Sending greetings, messages and offering special discounts to the people on their special events make the customer feel that a brand that is merely satisfying our needs has keen attention and taking more care of us. Even though we get many greetings messages from our loved ones, the messages from the bakery, restaurant garment shop, makes us think about that brand in our special days. It is the success of those brands. We are spending at least a couple of minutes to think of those brands on our special days.

Next time if we like to purchase some products related to this, undoubtedly, these brands will strike our head at least once before making purchase decisions.

What can those brands gain from this?

        • Brand enhancement
        • Publicity
        • Royal customer
        • Goodwill
        • Customer enrichment
        • And profit in the business.

These all can be gained quickly by just hitting a birthday wish. People are looking to gain attention from the people of the society. If they came to know that the people or brand are more caring towards them who/which are not in their list, It would help us to get include in their list with high priorities. People will spread the positive word of mouth to other people, which will help to grow in our business better.

The people celebrate special occasions with their memories and loved ones. Let the brands also include in their celebration to make them feel that we care for them.

Thank you once again.
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