Marketing of Zee network’s “series” has handled a new approach. Television networks use many strategies to promote their “series” and “show” to the target audience. Advertising agencies are designing promotional strategies to have a centric attraction of the viewers. Among the promotional strategies, the well-known brand zee network made a different approach in promoting the series. Let me share the different approaches of the zee network with you today.

A different approach in the marketing of zee network’s “series”

marketing of Zee network’s “series.”

One of the Tamil language channels of the Zee network, “Zee Tamil,” is telecasting a series in “yaaradi Nee Mohini” from 24th April 2017. Now the series “yaaradi nee mohini” is going to end soon. Every series needs a powerful climax with a great impact to stay in people’s minds, and even the series got over. So the climax of the series must be something different to gain the attention of the people.
The series “Yaardi nee mohini” approach gained major attention among the viewers of zee Tamil with 1000 episodes. This series comes up with a three different climax and ask the viewers to vote for their favourite climax. This promotional strategy gains a significant impact among the viewers.

The three options are

A. Mutharasan and vanilla to forgive Swetha
B.Venilla to take revenge on Swetha
C.The spirit of Chitra to take revenge on Swetha

The crew asked the Viewers of “Yarradi Nee Mohini” to vote for their favorite options in climax through SMS, and the same is going to be telecast as the climax.
No other TV series has made this promotional strategy so far. Various audiences have appreciated this initiative. Zee network considers their viewers the most priority and leaves the real authority to decide the series’ climax.
By this promo, the Television rating point of zee Tamil has will reach better heights.

The initiative of involving the viewers in this decision makes the audience feel that the zee network is trying to respect viewers’ opinions.
Even in cinemas, people used talk within themselves that the climax would have been better in that way and this way after watching and leaving the cinema halls. Now to change these comments after the show got over, zee network had taken this privilege to include their audience in the decision-making.

Many of the people are appreciating this new initiative of involving the people’s opinion for the series climax. What is your opinion on this? Share your opinion on the marketing of Zee network’s “series” inthe comments.

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