Copywriting strategies that are to be adapted in writing

Copywriting is the art of making people try out the product and services through letters. Let me share some of the vital copywriting strategies with you all.

Write according to need in copywriting

Copywriting is three in stages.

  1. Awareness stage
  2. consideration stage
  3. Decision stage
Copywriting strategies
copywriting : Write according to need

Awareness stage

When people are looking for an alternative to any preused services or products, then awareness is needed on the available alternative. So the words are to be coined with awareness-creating words.

Consideration stage

Reach the audience directly if you know the customer’s need exactly and feel that you can solve the customer’s issue.

Decision stage

In this stage, the review, testimonials, and case studies will help the customer make the decision. Based on this, they are getting feedback and getting to know the product or services experience of the customer directly.

Features vs Benefits 

It is a must to have a deep understanding of the two terms. Benefits are all about how the product and services are going to solve our needs and wants. Features are about the design and appearance that are made for customer’s sophistication. Including both in an article will enhance the readability of copywriting.

Storytelling in copywriting

Copywriting strategies- storytelling

Creative storytelling is one of the optimum strategies in copywriting. Storytelling will make the people know about the benefits and advantages of using the products and services which are new to the market. Storytelling must clarify why the people should give a try on the new arrival in all aspects.

Project as an expert

If you are projecting your brand as an expert, then it will gain people’s trust. Using the statistical way of copywriting will helps every brand to have credibility.

Urgency in copywriting

Copywriting strategies- limited stock

Even though you have n number of products and stocks, you must make the people rush on their purchase by projecting that you have limited stock.

Intimating the people that the stock is almost over, displaying the number of units left out for sale, and cautioning people about the coupons’ deadline will indirectly motivate the buyers through copywriting.

Create an emotional appeal with a logical appeal

Copywriting strategies- emotional vs logical appeal
copywriting :emotional appeal

When you are offering a product or service to a customer, mix your emotional writing style in your copywriting. For example, Gillette promotes its product “blade” as it gives a smooth shave and lasts up to four or five shaves. This will grab the people’s attention emotionally and helps to make a sale.

A sophisticated design made in the product instead of the usual design will give a logical appeal to the people when projected. For example, copywriting, which projects a sophisticated design, will gain the people’s attention wider. The magical words that are used to describe the functional benefits of the products and services will gain a significant impact on sales.

Exclusive in copywriting

Copywriting strategies- exclusive

Everyone likes to be treat special and unique. So including the exclusive promotional strategies will make the people feel that they are unique. If you are launching an apple store in your area, then the copywriting must include the words “apple store – exclusively for you in your area”. This will make the people feel that they are for them. Offering the products that are not available in the shops in your area expect you to gain a sustainable profit.

Honesty as a promo tool

In copywriting, projecting the cons and pros will make the people more centric about the pros and cons of your branding. 

Copywriting strategies- honesty
honesty tool

Mentioning the cons that the product or services failed to meet will make the customers create goodwill.

Call to Action strategy

Copywriting strategies-  buy now
copywriting: call to action

Phrases like “buy now, reach us today, get your free quote, book your slots earlier” will make the people action. These are the copywriting words that will make the people go with the action. So including such in the last part of the content will help people go with a buying initiative after reading the content.

Call to action will make the people turn into your customer on finish reading your copywriting post.

Formatting your post 

Making continuous alphanumeric style of copywriting posts will drain the people’s attention. So it is a must to mix your content with pictures, paragraphs, and texts.

Split the content with heading tags to differentiate your content. Use list and bullet points to project the content in an organized way. Bold the important keywords.

Ask the question in the way of getting the answer as “yes.”

Copywriting strategies- do you know
copywriting: do you know

At the end of the copywritng post, be sure to leave some questions to which you will get the answers to like “yes.”

For an example

Have you ever tried this?

Do you know what all about?

Finds difficulty in grammar?

These are some samples that you can format your questions to answer “yes”, which leads to the sales initiative.

These are the common strategies in copywritng. Do you feel something that I left out? Leave in the comments.

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