What’s in ?

  1. Netflix: An alternative approach
  2. Content marketing skills from the sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  3. Profit making strategies of T-Shirt printing business
  4. Strategies of a fitness brand “Team animal and Animal protein cafe”
  5. High paid marketing jobs in india
  6. Digital marketing strategies all you need to know in 2021
  7. How can I market my products effectively on social media?
  8. Business lessons from Lord Shree Rama
  9. Six stunning ideas to influence the customers
  10. Top Ways to get popular on Facebook
  11. Top eight strategies to get popular on Instagram
  12. The appreciable initiative of IKEA
  13. New functional food segment of Zomato
  14. Statement of Zomato founder on recent Bengaluru women case
  15. Top five women’s day campaign that make sense.
  16. Top 10 factors that E-commerce website must be taken into account to increase their web traffic
  17. How can the IPL season be focused on increasing the sale?
  18. Brand tactics that we fall
  19. How to make business effectively on food products ?
  20. How to convey the message of a brand effectively ?
  21. How the gift offerings increases the brand awareness ?
  22. How to be masters in business through conversational marketing ?
  23. How to reach the audience through podcast ?
  24. Successful Guerrilla marketing Strategies
  25. Marketing strategies used to make sales among 90’s kids
  26. What’s new with McDonald’s ?
  27. Branding ideology of Burger king
  28. How to Market Organic products Successfully ?
  29. Psychological ways that malls makes us to spend more money
  30. Advertising strategy of Domex
  31. McDonald’s Marketing strategy
  32. Marketing strategies behind the packaging of medical pills in a well spaced packets.
  33. Marketing strategies’ by tagline
  34. How the gift shop can be promoted effectively ?
  35. Advantages of using “Chatbots” as Marketing Strategies
  36. Notable Marketing strategy of Domino’s
  37. How an epic character of Ramayana has been used for an effective branding ?
  38. How dabur has gained its marketing position ?
  39. What are the effective business strategies that are adopted by the brand “Aashirvad ” ? 
  40. How the brands are making the business by showing their gratitude ?
  41. What are the unique strategies that are followed by the detergent brand “Tide” in increasing the business ?
  42. How the extended sale increases the business profit ?
  43. What are the initative that are to be taken today to make the business effective in future ?
  44. How to reach the market position after the post pandemic ?
  45. What is people card ?
  46. How the vending machine sales gained a vital importance in this lockdown situation ?
  47. How the shapes play a crucial role in shaping the brands in making the business ?
  48. How to design an effective Instagram business page ?
  49. How to make the digital sale initiative in an innovative way ?Page 404 for sale
  50. Glow is fair now
  51. If not “fair”, then what will be fair?
  52. What are the Marketing strategies that can be adopted to make the people to use the local market effective ?
  53. Sayings of Marketing Guruji “Philip Kotler”
  54. Write Right
  55. How the celebration of brand achievements helps in making business ?  
  56. How to market our brands according to this pandemic situations ?
  57. What are the youthful yuktis that can be adopted to sell kurthis
  58. How to make the business effectively among the people in the seasonal and festival times ? Workers day special.
  59. Brands that got reached by Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar
  60. Marketing strategies of a “chai shop”
  61. How the pandemic situations are used by the brands effectively in marketing ?
  62. How to reach the people digitally during the lock down ?
  63. Happy Birthday to me.
  64. How kirana stores are have its conventional business though there is a existence of shopping malls ?
  65. How to gain a huge profit with simple change in product design ?
  66. How the brand logos are get identified by the people ?
  67. Stunning strategies of KYC to attract vegan people
  68. How the promotional and branding are possible in Tik Tok ?
  69. How Facebook live is evolved in creating the brand awareness ?
  70. A complete guide on how to write blogs
  71. What are the hidden reasons behind the brands which are using the color “yellow” in their logo design ?
  72. How the KYC plays a significant role in increasing the profit of the banks ?
  73. What is Marketing : An art or Science ?
  74. How the E-Retail brands are sustaining in the global market ?
  75. How to influence the customer with their mother tongue in marketing ?
  76. How the brands are seeking customer attention through Animals ?
  77. How to use the instagram as an effective digital marketing tool ?
  78. How to covey the message of the brand through Story Telling effectively ?
  79. Marketing strategies of “Brand Factory”
  80. How to get mastered with our brands through sponsor ?
  81. How to grab the customer attention in 30 seconds ?
  82. How the banners are helpful in making the business for the brands ?
  83. How to approach the customer in a simple innovative way ?
  84. How to handle Marketing tactics in eco-friendly manner ?
  85. How the Automated Marketing is possible ?
  86. Experience sharing on the digital marketing class
  87. How the existing myth in the connectivity can be breached by using the advanced technology ?
  88. How to market the products and services through blogging ?
  89. Marketing strategies behind the dal brand “Udiyam”
  90. Marketing strategies of the brand “Pothys”
  91. How Compromisation corrodes the business ?
  92. What are the logics behind the design of the logos of the brand ?
  93. How to make the Customer Satisfy through our service ?
  94. How the Word of Mouth plays a role in marketing ?
  95. My rural marketing experience on a old lady.
  96. What are the marketing strategies can be adopted to turn your customer into Brand Advocates ?
  97. How to gain Competitive Advantage in marketing
  98. How E-Mail Marketing helps to make business
  99. How to make the unconventional marketing effective ?
  100. Excel Experience
  101. Branding-A guest lecture experience
  102. A small business research
  103. Why the ads should be given importance ?