Even though we are in lockdown, we never miss celebrating the birth anniversaries of our loved star. Today is the day for the lovely cricketer. Yes, today, our master blaster, “Sachin Tendulkar,” is celebrating his birthday. Sachin fans are showing their love in many ways.

I, too, like to wish our master blaster in my style. i.e., by posting a simple blog post to express my love on our master blaster.

You all witnessed our master blaster in the playground. The moment that Sachin raises his bat in the manner of thanking for the love that we showed when he hits the century every time. We can’t leave that style when we tend to talk on our Master Blaster. One more occasion is the farewell party. Even now, also we used to search the farewell speech of our Master Blaster on youtube.

Where all the areas you have witnessed our master blaster apart from the ground. Yes. Your thinking is right. We all are not only the fan of the batting style of our master blaster but also the crazy fans of his ads.

Let’s have the view on the advertisements which are made by our master blaster so far.


Band-aid id the brand which offers us an adhesive tape, which we apply on the area of our body when we get wounded. Sachin Tendulkar made his first appearance on the ad for the company Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid to promote the product adhesive tape in the year 1989.
Since the sportsperson projected the brand, the brand “Band-aid” get familiarised to forget the real product name sticking plaster.

Action shoes :

Sachin Tendulkar was used as the brand ambassador for the brand action to promote its product shoe. During the 90s era, people will use to see this ad frequently in Doordarshan, which is the only source for entertainment among the people. This ad gets a broader impact on the sportsperson.


It is a well-known ad of our master blaster made in the year 1989. When Sachin Tendulkar appears on the screen by saying the brand tagline “Boost is the secret of my energy,” we all have experienced energy by seeing the ad itself.


Sachin Tendulkar featured the ad with his childhood friend Vinod Kambli to promote the soft drinks brand “Pepsi.”
In the year 2003, Sachin shared his screen space with former West Indies and Australia captains- Carl Hooper and Shane Warne for this same brand in a different ad.


This brand makes the advertisement world of India to know the importance of Sachin Tendulkar. Reynolds uses the image of Sachin Tendulkar in its ad. By this, it gets a place in not only the pencil box of the students but also the heart of the children.


Sachin appears on the screen to promote the Britania cookies along with the children. It makes this product as the favorite among the children.

Jaypee cement :

Jaypee brands wisely made a decision. That is choosing our master blaster as its brand ambassador. The ads created by Jaypee cement, along with our master blaster has won many notable advertising awards.


Adidas has its tagline, “Impossible is nothing.” To promote this brand with its slogan, they have made a wise choice in his brand ambassador. When Sachin appears in Addidas ad by saying Impossible is nothing will attract all the Sachin Tendulkar fans.

Luminous Inverter

It is one of the recent ads made by our beloved master blaster. Sachin became the backbone of our Indian team and became a key player for batting. This image made Luminous inverter to sign this advertisement with our Sachin Tendulkar.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 commercial

This ad features the key is the success of the Indian team, which they won in the world cup. This ad telecasted during the world cup held in 2015.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Lets me wish our master blaster once again.

Stay home, stay safe,
Keep reading pudhansandhai,
Signing off,

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