Burger King is a well-known brand for a variety of burgers and other dishes. Like burger king, there are many competitive restaurants, and numerous varieties of dishes are available from the competitive restaurant.
Due to this pandemic situation, all of the restaurants have faced a severe loss in the business. Many competitive brands of burger king are striving hard to run their business in the market. Especially the new budding brands of the restaurant are hardly affected in this pandemic.

To overcome this, BurgerKing had taken a great initiative to give hands to other restaurants also.
Usually, they brand their products with pictures on social media like Instagram to make promotional for their brand. But now, burger king took a great initiative to band their competitive products on burger king’s Instagram page.
It’s made to make the audience get attention to the other competitive brands too.
Burger King has clearly announced that they can advertise on Instagram to free until the reopening of the other restaurant.

Burger King has announced that the other brand products can be branded on our Instagram page with #whopperandfriends.

By doing these, the other brand products can be gained the attention of Instagram users quickly.
It may be converted into a sale in a short period.
Many of the brands are came forward nor advertise on the Instagram page of Burger King. Let’s see how it works.

Anyway kudos to Burger king for this great initiative.

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